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Fire Protection Services, Central York

Fires can occur to anyone at any time. It can have a devastating impact on lives, residential
property or commercial space. Having a quality fire prevention plan in place is essential to
prevent potential fires from breaking out. Moreover, implementing those plans can significantly
reduce the extent of damage that a fire can cause. Tasfire is one of the leading fire safety
companies in Central York, offering an extensive array of fire services that enable you to better
protect your people and property. We are experts in the provision of high hazard fire protection
and equipment, and adhere to high industry standards.

Fire services we offer in Central York

At Tasfire, we are aware of how catastrophic the effects of fire can be. That's why we stepped in
with leading-edge fire protection services, including inspection, installation and maintenance to
safeguard people and property from a disastrous fire event. We offer fire protection services
throughout southern Ontario to assist in fire detection and suppression.


Our services include:

● Fire Systems Installation
● Fire Systems Inspection
● Fire Alarm Systems
● Fire Sprinkler Systems
● Fire Extinguisher
● Smoke and CO-detection
● Emergency Lighting and Exit Signs
● Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems
● Security Alarm
● Fire Hoses
● Fire Hydrants

Fire Systems Installation Services Central York

Whether you need to install a new fire system or replace the existing system for your premises
in Central York, Tasfire can help. With a reputation fortified on safe, reliable and speedy
services, we are always proactive throughout the fire installation process. Our highly skilled
engineers can guarantee comprehensive fire installation services, be it your commercial or

residential properties. We provide our customers with premium-quality products and services
they can count on.

Why choose Tasfire for installation?

• Our team is experienced with any size installation, executing each project with high
efficiency and pace
• We serve to ensure you are always in compliance with all NFPA codes
• We won't be beaten on price - Clear & Transparent Pricing
• 24*7 Aftercare service guaranteed

Fire Inspection services Central York

Fire inspections are mandated by the law to ensure your commercial or residential building
complies with NFPA and your provincial fire code legislature. However, regular fire inspections
mitigate fire & life safety hazards. Being the leading fire inspection service in Central York,
Tasfire can make the inspection process trouble-free for you. We check the safety systems in
place and identify any defects and departures from the installation standard. Our expert
technicians ensure that all your fire safety systems effectively work as it was designed when
they are needed. With us, you can avail of fire inspection services annually, half-yearly,
quarterly, monthly, and weekly.

We provide licensed and certified fire protection technicians for all of our fire protection services,

• Fire extinguisher inspection
• Fire alarm inspection
• Fire safety inspection
• Fire hydrant inspection
• Fire sprinkler inspection

Fire Alarm System Central York

A fire alarm system is one of the most prudent safety measures you can take to control your fire
risk. It is designed to warn both building occupants and emergency personnel when there is
smoke or fire. Ensure that your commercial or residential property in Central York is protected in
the event of a fire by expertly installed fire alarm systems from Tasfire.

Fire Sprinkler System Central York

A fire sprinkler system is a crucial component in the fire protection system, which serves as the
first line of defence to douse fire danger. It can curb the flames that spark during a fire by
releasing water through the sprinkler head. Sprinkler systems managed by Tasfire, one of the
best fire protection service companies in Central York, ensure compliance with legal
requirements and safety for occupants.


Water-Fire Extinguisher Installation, Central York

The frontline guard against potentially devastating flames is proper fire extinguisher installations
in strategic places of your commercial or residential building. If you are in search of Class A fire
extinguisher installation, Tasfire is just the right place for you. The advantages of opting for our
cutting-edge fire extinguisher installation services are:

• We install premium equipment that meets all industry standards
• You can avail of affordable and quality services because our primary focus is your safety
• We offer annual inspection and periodic maintenance
• We strictly follow standards and guidelines of Central York fire codes

Smoke and CO-detection Services Central York

Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors can save lives from the dangers of smoke and
CO. It can protect you from fatal carbon monoxide poisoning through early detection. Tasfire
offers reliable and quality smoke and CO-detection services to keep you safe during a fire

Why choose Tasfire?

• A team of licensed and certified technicians
• Compliant to the latest standards and regulations
• We offer prompt and effective services at competitive rates
• Well-trained personnel for proper inspection and maintenance service

Emergency Lighting System Services Central York

Illumination is necessary to see clearly, avoid obstacles and safely navigate to the nearest exit
in an emergency. But power outages can hinder your process of finding the way out. That is why
an emergency lighting system steps in as a lifesaving commodity in a crisis. Tasfire offers
emergency lighting system services in both commercial and residential premises of all sizes.

Kitchen Fire Suppression System Services Central York

Kitchen being a source of open fire, a reliable fire suppression system is necessary to prevent
fire from getting out of control and causing costly damage to your building. Being a licensed fire
protection service provider, Tasfire undertakes the installation, inspection and maintenance of
fire suppression systems that match the NFPA requirements.

Security Alarm system Services Central York

Installing a security alarm can benefit you and your family by protecting you and your valuables
from burglary and potential intruders. Are you looking for security alarm installation,
maintenance, repair or upgrade services in Central York? Then look no more; Tasfire can
provide all-inclusive security alarm system services for your needs. Our technicians are updated
with the latest innovations and technologies to keep your home or commercial property safe.


Fire Hoses Installation and Inspection Services Central York

Having a fire hose installed in strategic places can help the firefighters to diminish the impact of
an unpleasant fire event. A regular and thorough inspection of fire hoses is necessary to ensure
flawless functioning. The trained and experienced technicians from Tasfire strictly adhere to the
NFPA codes for fire fighting hoses inspection.

Fire Hydrant Installation Services Central York

Fire hydrants are crucial in curbing fires, as they allow firefighters to access a steady flow of
water for extinguishing the fire. It is important to keep fire hydrants maintained and compliant
because every second count in the event of a fire.

The team at Tasfire offer regular inspections to find out the issues like vandalism, corrosion and
rusting, wear and tear, accidental closure of hydrant tap valves, accidental damage and
mechanical malfunction in fire hydrants.

Tasfire is the largest fire safety company throughout southern Ontario, including Central York,
offering comprehensive fire protection services under one roof. Our fully qualified and
technically competent engineers will be there whenever you need them. Contact us by phone to
schedule an appointment.

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